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She is like a breeze of wind on a long summer night, or the first raindrop in the middle of a draught. Her elusivity makes you search for her and always yearn for more. Her sudden presence will exhilarate your life suddenly and fleetingly you will not realise what had hit you.


She is the child of warmth and coolness; a little bit of both, yet sometimes nothing at all. All qualities from both end of the spectrum conspires to complement each other in a character that is Autumn. She cannot be pinned down, yet deeply loved at the same time.


Coral always genuinely radiates her enthusiasm about life to every being she encountered. She inspires as she puts her identity out there, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her light and honesty transcends all barriers within everyone, encouraging all to sincerely live their lives to the fullest.


Fleur always do everything with kindness at heart, a true antidote to the darkness of the world. She never meant any harm, she is the epitome of grace and finesse. To look at her, is to look at love right in the eye, it will calm down all trepidations.


Known as peculiar and austere, Flora is often misunderstood at best. Her whole is greater than sum of her parts, only if you dare to get to know her. There’s no in between with her, she will either reel you in or push you away; either way Flora will be an experience.


Gaia exudes stability and will always has her feet firmly planted on her ground. Yet at night, in her head, she yearns for a daydreamer to take her away. To extricate her and whisk her across all universe, beyond her greatest imagination.


Hazel is as forceful as freshly brewed black coffee, yet as subtle as warm milk. She is the being you always search for in the start of your day. A sense of motivation and a certain comfort to help you get through your day, Hazel is all these things at once.


At first you will be magnetised by her poise, threading on the surface of her personality. The next thing you know, you will be entangled so deep in the being that is Ivy. The magnitude of her character and charm is too big for you to deny and walk away from.


An enchanting vision of Lagoon is like an invigorating spritz of water in the midst of a stinging heat. Even on her surface you’ll find a temple of tranquility, and the deeper you delve into her, the more peace of mind you will encounter. Her presence will quiet all your chaos.


At once you thought she blended not to stand out in her surrounding. On your second look, you start to realise her humble individual worth. She is made to complete everyone in a modest manner, never grandeur – yet without her, the beauty of her surrounding will never be the same.


Fiery and ferocious she was not made to be tamed. Poppy’s raw confidence and determination are the greatest weapon that helped her to reach levels one can never imagine. A true pioneer, she never shy away from boasting her pure fire.


Rain engulfs every being that comes her way in her cleansing magic. She has the ability to wash away all the mayhem that happens to you before her arrival. Give her a chance once and she will return the favour; she will make place for a clean new slate, for when she is gone and out of your life.


For a being that seemingly so soft, Sierra is actually audacious without warning. From time to time, her favourite past-time is to prove people wrong. When you thought you understood her to a tee, she will do wonder out of the blue; something uniquely Sierra, that will leave you in awe.


Sky is the gentlest soul you will ever encounter. She is always ready to help you out, without expecting anything in return at all. Her pure love is as wide as the vault of heaven above your head, and as warm as a hug after a bad day.


Her arrival is forever anticipated, and when she skips and hops after the cold, she brings new hope to the hopeless. What used to be bleak and lifeless is nurtured by her colours and radiance overtime. With the touch of her fingertips and her dexterity Spring is the type who will encourage you to overcome anything.


She is the quintessence of a chance encounter you’ll never forget. With her, you willingly take the walk on the wild side without second thoughts. You may hold her briefly in your arms, but the memory of her will forever be etched at the edges of your memories.


Terra has been around for a long time, overseeing all moments that goes on around her. Ever so often, her infinite wisdom kept her in silence. Yet when she needs to speak she will do so with thunderous roars, that no one will stand the chance against her.


She is a moody enigma that often baffles those around her. In the midst of her ever-changing nature, Winter is reflective out of habit. She may not be sure about anything and anyone around her; but you can rest assure that when it comes to herself she will always know who she is and what to do.