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Tailored Earth


Time and again, we think of our experience on this earth as a bundle of polarities — it is always a choice of either positive or negative; happy or sad, right or wrong, and any another billion ‘this or that’. Through these perceptions, we tend to neglect the fact that every human being is beautifully, and rightfully complex. Each of us on this earth is a unique, yet dynamic spectrum of experiences.

Through the spectrum of us; what seemed to once be right could age into something wrong, yet as easily what was once a negative experience can blossom into a positive lesson as well. This ever-evolving dynamism is the one common and constant thread that holds us together in humanity. Understanding this dynamic allows us to learn and accept that although we are all standing in the same one ‘earth’, we all have highly personified experiences of it.

No one knows, and can tell stories of the essence of your life on this earth better than yourself, though you do need a good listener on the other side of the coin. At Àshworks, we celebrate you for who you truly are. By our desire to turn each house into a home with every piece of àsh. we’ve ever created, we understood the importance of — letting you be. Through our pondering on life, we’re dedicating this collection to truly allow you to tell us the authentic essence of who you are, and translate it into your own graceful pieces of Tailored Earth.