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Cayambe is that versatile girl who easily connects with everyone. A true social chameleon, you can never guess where she’ll be next and who she’ll be seen with. Cayambe can always emanate a certain coolness that could freeze even the warmest place on earth.When she gets home, those many levels of her get stripped down Into who she purely is. Off go those fake lashes, those perfect cat-eyes, those mauve lips; and her most powerful accessory; her smile. All those things she needs to present and entertain the world disappears into a feeling of warmth and comfort, as she has nothing, and no one, to entertain but herself.

Cerro Negro

Temperamental yet exhilarating, that’s just one of the paradoxes that resides within Cerro Negro. One might call her risky and catastrophic, yet others might call her passionate and assertive. She’s the kind of girl who always knows what’s best for her, and is not afraid to get it, even if the whole world disagrees with her. The only thing that can stop Cerro Negro from getting burnt by her own blazing fire, is her home. A cozy nest where it’s raw, safe and silent. As soon as she steps into it, all the noises are tamed by the warmth and luminosity of her inner inferno.


Kilauea is the kind of girl who people tried to chase. She refused to be caught and tamed, as elusiveness is her most-loved trait. If many aims to plant a root so deep to avoid changes, Kilauea purses the opposite. To her, there are to many corners in this world that are unexplored. Her home is always nowhere, and everywhere; her companies are always everyone and nobody. All those people passing through her life had always been loved deeply by her, but she always knows eventually their time will be up. Then she will always have to move on, and grow into new homes with new companions. She will always find a blank canvas of life. She can, and will, color to her heart’s desire.


Krakatoa embodies an everlasting wisdom. She knows when to stay still, and when to trigger her explosion. When she explodes, those around her will forever be altered. Like a volcanic eruption, though calamitous at first, her effects will slowly unwrap to be a series of beautiful birth and rebirth. The spirit of Krakatoa, has forever made her home through the legacies of our grandmothers, the strictness of our mothers and most of all, through the tumultuous, earth-shattering decisions we’ve made for ourselves. It’s only when we know when to break free of certainties and rules, we will truly uncover and discover the raw beauty that is ourselves and found a home in our hearts.

Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa always takes your breath away. Her magnificence exudes wildly, dripping and flowing through every step she takes. People are always in awe of the sight of her, the way they are astonished by the beauty sight of volcanic lava poured out into the sea. Mauna Loa possesses the power to engulf everything and everyone around her yet she chose not to. She always uses her power the way it will leave you no choice but to respect and admire her. She’s a terrifyingly enchanting vision, and she takes comfort in the distance between her and everyone else. She takes control of her own destiny, and the only true home she has is within herself.


She’s the small home we have always dreamt of, she’s a humble beginning, the beauty everyone has witnessed through and through. Over the years, we see Paricutin grow and turn into a beautiful lady. Yet she would be the quiet, shy, reserved individual you would not recall. Paricutin may seem to bear those traits at first but once you get to know her and her beginnings, she is the most modest yet affable person you will ever meet. She’s the new and humbled home you once doubted but she’ll leave a lovely indelible mark to your soul.


Parinacota is flamboyant, she’s full of life, she’s the life of the party! A people-person at heart, she walks with confidence, she talks exuberantly and she carries around bodacity on her back. Her nomadic tendencies may exhaust those closest to her as she enjoys the vibrant life that not many could possibly follow. If Parinacota were a young girl, she would be your little sister, fidgeting unstoppably, gesticulating, waving her arms to and fro. She would be your high school friend, she would be your gregarious counterpart, tempting you how to sneak out of the house. If she were a home, she’s the flickering on your terrace, the lights switched on during the start of the day and night. She’s a stark mark to the people closest to her.


Straightforward, assertive, and honest. Sabancaya is well-known for her alternative calling, “the tongue on fire”. She finds it discomforting to be engaged in small talks as she appreciates daily honesties more than just the imagery, illusions and pleasing. She is young but she has seen so much of her life through an old lens. Sabancaya reminds us of the honesties and the genuine family talks we avoid. The confrontation we stay away from, just to maintain the so-called peace. The build up of her cynicism and occasional erosions may have taken us aback, but it is within those that she finds a sense of relief.

St Helens

Just like the active stratovolcano of the pacific northwest, St. Helens has an alluring charm. She’s overly poised, although appearing intimidating at times. You look up to her strengths, her eye for perfection, and her witty imagination. She’s the type of person that you would want to pick each other’s minds’ with. Little did she know, she releases a certain energy that has people eyeing on her. They are all waiting for her to generously share a spoonful of her universe and her provocative mind. St. Helens’ drifts with her ash explosions and riddles with pyroclastic flows. She can’t be fooled, and she will never be.