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Growth is a fundamental human nature. Each and everyone of us has gone through certain shifts and growths within our lives. At times, growth can come like a wise old friend and it will feel natural. Yet, on some other times, growth comes to us like a storm we cannot control. Either way, consciously and unconsciously we all go through changes and growth each and every day.

Much like the cycle of nature, our lives’ cycles are always on a loop. Quite often we have one of those days, or weeks, or months, where there’s nothing else in the world we desire, than to rest, and to reflect. Then suddenly, just like winter sheds dead leaves, in this time we shed parts of ourselves that no longer support our growth. We also have times where all we want is to run, or yet leap, or yet jump as high as we can — whatever’s necessary for us to feel and to achieve. Much like the flowers in the springtime, opening up their petals from day to day, to bloom fully and remarkably.

As the cycles comes and goes, its only wise to surrender to the changes in course of nature, and evolve with it. Reflect when your soul needs it, yet bloom with all your might when it’s your time. After all, we’ve once heard that ‘no winter lasts forever, and no spring skips its turn’.