Çanti Widyadhari

finding the authentic
answers to wonderments.

By Anasthasya Mathilda

Çanti Widyadhari is a seasoned spiritual practitioner that combines the modalities of tarot, astrology, and reiki into her healing services. Practicing under the name of Foxglove Soulwork, Çanti explains her processes, healing herself and her clients, and, most importantly, authenticity — a value shared by and deeply ingrained within both Foxglove Soulwork and Àshworks.


Hi, Çanti! Can you explain what you do, and why did you dive into the industry that you chose?


Hi, my name is Çanti Widyadhari, and I’m the founder of Foxglove Soulwork. Foxglove Soulwork is an initiative that combines the art of reading, healing, and counselling using Tarot, Astrology, and Reiki for a deeper soul awareness to further your personal growth. Through this initiative, I help my clients to realise their potential and work forward on their journey towards happiness and healing.

Initially, I started as a tarot reader for the first 4.5 years of my career, but then I realized that a simple tarot reading session isn’t enough to help my clients to delve deeper into the core of their problems. I realized that I need to learn more skills; skills that will help me have a 360 perspective of what they’re going through in their lives to help them overcome the problems within. So I started pursuing some education in Reiki and Astrology to hone such perspective. And now, after doing tarot reading full time with Reiki and Astrology on the side, I’ve decided to combine the three modalities for a holistic approach and a more significant result.


What is the tarot/astrology reading process like, and what would you like to achieve after every reading?


The reading process starts with asking the clients to tell me about their background: who they are, what problems they’re going through now, but most importantly, what drives them to come to me and ask me the questions. For me, it’s important to know someone’s core motivation because it helps me understand the best way to help them, as I wouldn’t want to direct them to do the things they wouldn’t be so inclined to do unless I see the potential to head to such direction. We will then proceed to the basic rundown of a reading session, which is reading the situation through the tools (i.e., Tarot), Q&A session to clarify anything needed, figuring out the next steps, and finally getting into the conclusion or takeaways of the reading. When the time permits, I sometimes add cherry-on-top wisdom to wrap up the session with a good feeling and full-circle learning.

Since my session is built around the core belief that progress can happen in 30 minutes, I usually aim for my clients to at least have a sense of clarity and know what they should do next after the session ends. In the past, I was so eager to change my client’s perspective in one session, but the more I do this, the more I realize how impossible it is to generate such significant change in such a short amount of time. Now, if our talk can least change their day or give them a positive perspective of their problem, for me, it’s a job well done.


How has becoming an Astrologist and Psychic shaped you into the person you are today? What are some of your favourite learning experiences?


Well, becoming an astrologer & psychic has helped me to give a well-rounded perspective on the life that we lead. I used to be a very judgmental person, and sometimes, I still think I am. But this journey had shaped me into someone who’s more understanding of the 3 various Ps (perspectives, principles, and priorities) that exist in this world. It made me appreciate the differences that we all have, but also helped me to understand that we’re not all that different, to be honest.

On a deeper level, we all want the same thing: to be loved, appreciated, heard, and acknowledged. The differences only lie in the “how” and “why,” but what we want is pretty much the same. If only more people can understand this, I think it’ll help minimize the conflicts and misunderstandings that are so prevalent in today’s world.

I don’t really have a favourite session as a learning experience because, honestly, most of my sessions have each been so heartwarming and life-changing for me. But if I must choose, I think the best ones are the ones that I did with the same clients in the span of 2-3 years. There are a few of them, hence why I can’t pick one.

To tell you the truth, the best learnings didn’t happen or seem apparent during the reading sessions. I believe that even though my session is meant to be a catalyst, the fun stuff is the ones that are happening behind the scenes. So, I think the best learning experience is understanding that although the changes didn’t happen during my reading sessions, the session itself can catapult a deep, undercurrent growth that takes root into someone’s life.

There’s satisfaction in seeing the before and after result. It’s the growth that my clients did throughout the months or years we didn’t talk, that when they come back, they have fully grown into the person that they aim to be. That’s when the click happens because by then, they would’ve understood the message that they receive in the first session. The last meetings that I had with them are often heartwarming, with my clients telling me their life updates, and just like old friends, these sessions are meant to be a celebration of our growth. Simply put, seeing how growth unfolds in my clients’ lives is always the best learning experience for me.


How does healing other people contribute to your own self-healing journey?


​Similar to my answers to the question earlier, the more I heal others, the more I understand what others are going through on a daily basis, and this understanding helped myself as well. Each session highlights the pain points that I’m meant to notice on such days and the “disease” that I need to work on to heal within myself. Mostly, it’s a long-standing trauma or something that has to do with my mental health.

But honestly, I don’t get many hints from healing others compared to experiencing the events or issues that are happening in my personal life. The sessions that I do often focuses more on the “how” aspect of self-healing rather than the “what”, “why”, and “when.” It taught me the “how”s of healings for when I needed it someday. For example, discovering new ways or methods while healing other’s chakras on a Reiki session helped me understand how to heal mine better next time, but not so much the insight of what needs to be healed within me.


You are dedicating your career to serving other people and helping them with their journey. How do you stay authentic to yourself?


​Us readers are always attracting the same energy, so the clients that we work with often mirror our inner journey as well. However, as much as I see fragments of myself in others’ stories, I always try to go back to my own core values and ask myself if this is what I should do or adopt for myself.

Being a reader requires you to empathize with the person in front of you, putting yourself in their shoes and eventually coming up with suggestions that are useful and relatable for them, regardless of what you believe in. But honestly, you don’t always have to walk your talk if that doesn’t align with your core values. For example, I could tell my clients that they should be loyal to their one and only significant others if it’s what they believe is right for them, regardless of the fact that open relationship is the best kind of relationship for me.

In the past, I always try to blend my clients’ worlds into mine–like a co-learning kind of experience. But after doing this for a few years, I’m starting to get the hang of doing only what feels​ right for myself ​—​ and that is the key to staying authentic, at least for me.


For our current collection, Àshworks is inspired by the uniqueness of each individual. What is your own version of “individuality”?


My version of individuality does not always equal being different than the rest, like the “I’m not like other girls” kind of thing, you know? For me, to be an individual is to be authentic to yourself, knowing what works for you, and what doesn’t. Because let’s face it, nothing in this world is original anymore, so there are times when pursuing individuality feels like copying our favorite person or celebrities ​— a​nd that’s okay. The path to individuality often starts off by being a duplicate of others. But once we had a taste of someone else’s life, the best we can do to become our own individual is by knowing what to keep and discard from what we’ve learned along the way. It’s like, deciding to wear a scrunchie because we love how it looks on us and how it makes us feel more authentic to ourselves, rather than wearing them to mimic favorite TikTok star.

From an astrological perspective, being a unique individual also means living authentically according to our birth chart. For context, our birth chart shows beyond what our sun sign is, or famously known as our zodiac sign. The birth chart is the blueprint of our path: who we are and who we’re learning to be in this lifetime. It shows each planet’s placement by the time we are born, which has a significant effect on how we live our lives. So you may share a birthday with someone, but as you guys were born on different times in different parts of the world, the makings of where the planets are may be completely different. In a sense, you may have similar personalities, but how it gets experienced can be completely different. To each their own.

With that in mind, in my line of work, I’ve read so many birth charts to know that no charts are inherently similar. We are all unique in our own ways. We may remind the people around us of someone they knew in the past, but our natal chart placement, our soul journey, our environment, our childhood, etc. are different enough to make us our own person, aside from the said similarities. That said, to be an individual doesn’t require much effort from our side, to be honest. We just have to be ourselves, and that is already more than enough.