Salvita Decorte

the artistic life, bonding with family and journey for home.

By Anasthasya Mathilda and Beata Primana

SÀSH features some of Indonesia’s up-and-coming talents and young creative individuals that we know are passionate and always striving to bring new energy and ideas in their respective industries. For the first edition of SÀSH, we got in touch with Salvita Decorte, a young and mindful gifted artist. Over a cup of coffee, Sal chatted with us about some of her work and how painting has fully become her remedy and her life.

Currently based in Jakarta, Sal was born and bred in Bali, Indonesia, where she grew up and discovered painting through her parents’ artistic eyes. Sal caught her artistic hobbies from her parents’ influences. She has painted since she was little, but wouldn’t consider herself a great painter, as she wasn’t a vivid one.

“My dad was an abstract painter, and my mom is a jewelry designer so I think that’s where I got the artistic influences. It all started from my parents. I grew up watching my dad paint and I guess it all grew from there.”

Sal has never really envisioned herself to see herself painting and drawing as one of her day-to-day activities she will grow passionate of.

“I didn’t receive good grades for Art class back then in high school, I could even recall getting better grades in Math and Biology class. Back in school, you had to paint or express yourself artistically in a certain way, which was something that I could not quite grasp and so it wasn’t until I graduated high school that I finally delve into it.”

When her father passed away, he left a work studio that came along with his numerous paintings, tools and an entire memory of paint-splattered brushes. The event left an artistic mark that resounded in Sal’s life, leaving a legacy from her dad she holds near and dear to her heart.

“My dad had a studio and the day he passed away, nobody used it anymore. I had canvasses, I had paintbrushes and paint and I needed some kind of emotional release. So I started using his space to paint.”

Fast-forward to today, Sal has settled down in Jakarta with her husband and her toddler. She now believes and understands that to her, painting has always been a conscious effort that she needs in her life.

“I don’t write as much, so in order for me to stay connected with myself and be in touch with my emotions, I pour them through painting. I think people need that kind of emotion release and painting helps me do that.”

Sticking through to portraits and abstract expressionist style as major themes for her work, her hobby has slowly become a ubiquitous lifestyle for her where she admits finding emotional connection and remedy by painting portraits.

Other than painting and juggling work, Sal is preoccupied with being a mother. As she watches her son grow everyday, the young twenty-seven year old can’t help but wonder what his dreams and passion will be. She shared candidly,

“I always look forward to meeting my family every time I come home from work. I definitely like the feeling of becoming a mom despite, and including the responsibilities trailing behind me. I am always supportive of my son; I hope one day he would understand that at any point in life, he could always chase his goals and dreams. I know that sounds an awful lot cheesy but I want him to know that whatever happens, there is no better feeling to know that you could chase your dreams freely.”

Sal believes that there is no rush or shortcuts in finding one’s true passions, as they are all different in each and everyone’s timing. Sal’s son will have his own passion and interests, ones he will be proud of and can connect to emotionally, much like how Sal is with painting.